NIigata's sake

Most of the rooms are Japanese style room and each room has a toilet. The toilet is western style and Washlet toilet seat.
As there is no room with a bath, guests are supposed to use a common bath. But If you dislike taking a bath with others, please use reserved bathroom.

Japanese style room
The floor of a Japanese style room is completely covered with 'tatami' made from rush straw. The size of a room is indicated by the number of mats it contains:  6, 8,10 or more tatamis. According to the needs of the moments, a Japanese style room can serve as a living room or a bedroom.
Please remove your shoes at the entrance of the room.



We provide some westen style rooms with bed.

Differing from western-style beds, traditional Japanese 'futon' are spread out on the floor. 'Futon' are usually stored in the closet. The 'shiki-buton, or bottom quilt, is laid out over the tatami. This is covered with a sheet. The top quilt is called a 'kake-buton'. According to the seasons, blankets may be added and the number and thickness of the upper quilts adjusted to keep oneself properly warm during the night.

open air bathopen air bath
large bathroom
reserved bathroom